Sunday, April 25, 2010

Early Ape


Rock and Roll died. It was sad. The family dressed in colorful, worshipful outfits that celebrated Rock and Roll’s life. Adorned with the names and faces of the past, they found meaning and safety in their confusion. They played the instruments that had sustained Rock and Roll’s life and sang the songs that had identified it. For years, they stood on raised altars and played to remind everyone of its glory. They taught its beauty in their schools, to their children, who idled through the residue of sound, waiting for a new savior to rise and reveal them to themselves; for, how could it be found with the journey’s reason so far away and undefined? They wondered what it was that they sought, if not the very essence of self, from the fragments of the past. Yet, as time lurched forward, and the window to the truth became clouded, almost opaque, a bright light emanated from the past and shot through the milky view, calling forth a new beginning for Rock and Roll’s disciples : Early Ape was born.

The previous paragraph is an excerpt from Early Ape's biography and also one of the most awesomest things that I've read. If you haven't heard them yet, click play on the I-M music player at the top of the page where their song "These Aren't the People" is featured.

"Early Ape," Philadelphia's newest Pop sensation has been taking The Delaware Valley by storm since recently being featured on YRock. People are starting to take notice of their sound which is inspired by mid-60's pop and new wave, yet delivered with surprising post-punk energy.

Nate Rylan, the band's lead singer has been playing music all his life, drawing inspiration from the most prolific songwriters in Rock and Pop. His music is both sincere and irreverent, blending attentive lyrics with striking melodies to create an impressive and unmistakable sound. Nate credits his formal musical beginnings with the Philadelphia Boys Choir for his disciplined commitment to songwriting and performing. Here are what people in the Delaware Valley are saying!

1) "I FRIGGIN LOVE IT!!!!...I love the sound...these guys are good :)", Frank Pereira, Editor/Vice President - Philly Music Zone

2) "A VERY FUN Power Pop Thing going on!", John Vetesse - YRock on Xpn

3) " ...'THE' band to watch...", David Wannop - Montgomery News

4) "Listening to Early Ape's 'These Aren't The People' - sounds good" - Bits and Watts (twitter)

5) "Early Ape...last night at the Blinkin' Lincoln. Woo, them fellers is good!", Jim Boggia, national recording artist (bluhammock records)

The self titled, debut EP from EARLY APE is currently available on both iTunes and Go grab it now! The band consists of Nate Rylan (vocals), Adam Winokur (bass), and Joe Baldacci (drums). If you wanna see them live, make sure you're at The Wilmington Flower Market Festival this Thursday, May 6th, at Rockford Park. They'll be on the Arby's concert stage around 3pm opening for national act "Jenny and Tyler." All courtesy of WSTW. If you wanna listen to more of their music, links are below. Let me know what you think!


Post on The Wilmington Flower Market coming soon!

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