Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tripple Fat Goose

According to this goose, Christmas is right around the corner. hopes you all have a safe and enjoyable holiday season with your friends and family. No matter which holiday you celebrate or how you celebrate it, do it well, and above all else have fun. After all, Young Statues says Christmas makes everything fun! 

Great song from a great up and coming band who performed great for our holiday party @Milkboy Philly last weekend. A big THANK YOU to all who played actually. It was a stellar event, at an awesome venue, to close out 2011. 

Now onto 2012! You can expect a full transformation from in 2012. Everything from the look of the page to the content will be revamped. Specifically, a change from its roots in personal music ramblings to that of more music coverage, performance pictures and release reviews. In the words of Tupac, "We goin all out (aiiiite)!" Big ups to all who found us and supported us this year!