Tuesday, February 17, 2009



Ok due to the coma of Euphoria that the Bojangles left me in I was unable to report back to you until today. OMG it's a mix between Chick Filet and Popeyes. Soooo Gu'd. If I lived in the south I would be 20 pounds heavier... and greasy.

Anyways, I-M's visit to Hampton Roads went swell. The Streetz visit was overdue.

The camp is hype and ready. Everyone's on the same page. The music is bangin! The verses are hott! The Female vocalists are smashin. New music coming your way via the Streetz very soon so be on the look out. Streetz Compilation 2009

Big ups to Country! One of the coolest dudes I've met. Southern Hospitality... Montgomery in the house. Save some of that Bear meat for my next visit. Hold the squirrel.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

2 up 2 down

I-M reporting from VA. In the studio with IE and 9-0 they're recording some new material... sounds like venom. So far my visit to Streetz has been a good one. VA Beach, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, 2 up 2 down. Gotta try this.....

We need one of these in Philly. As if my fat ass needs more fast food. I'll report on the Bojangles tomorrow. For now sleep.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday!

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People turns 100 today, and its leaders are confronting provocative questions: How relevant is the NAACP in the age of Barack Obama? Now that an African American occupies the nation's highest office, is there still a crying need for an organization founded in 1909 after a half-dozen black men were lynched in Springfield, Ill., their homes burned to the ground? Read the rest HERE.

Joanquin Phoenix

What D Hell?

Joanquin Phoenix's Drugged Out Appearance On Letterman!!!!!

(From Perez)

Mr. Excedrin®

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Parkwright @ The Note


If you want to catch a great show, here's one for ya! Parkwright is playing at The Note this Thursday (142 Market Street, West Chester, Pennsylvania). I believe the show starts at 9pm. For more details visit www.myspace.com/parkwrightmusic.

Venues get ready. PW has positioned themselves to make a lot of noise in 2009. Be on the look out for this band to take a stage near you. Rumors have it that they have a banging stage performance.


Stone City

Great Music... Great Band!

Stone City ~ Wilmington, DE

Genuine, deep, soul searching tunes. This band transports listeners to Classic Rock heaven. Very Talented. (Champion of the UD Battle of the Bands 06-07/07-08 and part of the Spark magazine 2007 Summer Music Series.)

"ON LEAF", is now avaialble! You can purchase it at BERT'S CD'S on US 202 just north of Wilmington, Delaware and RAINBOW RECORDS on Main Street in Newark, Delaware. All merchandise (including BOTH Cd's) is available at all STONE CITY shows. Check them out at www.myspace.com/stonecity1 for tour dates! Their next show is Feb 12th, 2009 @ 7:30P @ Burlap & Bean Cofeehouse Newtown Square, Pennsylvania.

Go and Get the CD!



Damn (The following article was taken from www.MediaTakeOut.com)

February 10, 2009. A friend of Chris Brown reached out to MediaTakeOut.com, offering us this explanation of what happened on Saturday night:

[Rihanna is] outrageously jealous and insecure. So [Chris] would get into arguments and fights with her. He never hit her once but she'd [allegedly] smack him, bite him and scratch him and once he even got hit in the balls kinda' hard. So [she] got into the habit of hitting him because to her it was fine since he never hit her back.

[On Saturday night, Chris] finally told her to shut the f*ck up and it's over. So she socked the shit out of him while he was driving and kept on hitting him until he crashed into a parked car.

[Chris] then got out of the car and tried to pull her out and got hit in the face some more numerous times. Scratched up and everything.

Simply because he was done with all of the drama. Anyway when she smacked him this last time he smacked her back. So he [left Rihanna there alone].

Hurt from banging her face on the windshield/dashboard from the car accident [somebody] then called the cops and [Rihanna] told them that [Chris] whipped her ass.

[Later the next day, Chris] wanted to go get his things from her apt to go to a hotel and saw a million cop cars there.

So he left and when he sent us to retrieve his stuff, this girl didn't want to let us get his 6 bags of stuff. She said tell him to come get it himself … Tell him to answer his phone and that I'm sorry we can work this out. To which I said, hell no my friend isn't coming anywhere near here. It's too late for all of that. He just wants his luggage and you guys need never to see each other anymore….

Sh*t happens was definitely in effect and it's crazy how everyone can jump on a woman's side and not know what happened. Hind sight is 20/20 and I told [him that] he should've gotten out of the car and called the cops on her a*s when it was just him with scratches and shit.

This seems like a very interesting story. Of course we have absolutely no way to know whether it’s true or just damage control.

It does get a little tricky however. You’ll recall that initially both Rihanna and Chris’ people were claiming that Rihanna was injured in a “traffic accident.” Also, according to TMZ, their Lamborghini was towed from the scene of the alleged assault in Hancock Park to a nearby police impound lot. Could the car have been damaged???


(The above article was taken from www.MediaTakeOut.com)


Grammy Notes

Robert Plant cleaned up! Robert Plant told GRAMMY.com after the show that it only took a day for him and Krauss to struck a musical connection that has created a special bond that led to GRAMMYs most prestigous honor.


Raising Sand
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
T Bone Burnett, producer; Mike Piersante, engineer/mixer; Gavin Lurssen, mastering engineer

Please Read The Letter
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
T Bone Burnett, producer; Mike Piersante, engineer/mixer
Track from: Raising Sand

As an engineer, (Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B) I've always day dreamed of what it would be like to win an award as prestigious as a Grammy for mixing. The engineers that took home the award for best engineering are below.

Consolers Of The Lonely
Joe Chiccarelli, Vance Powell & Jack White III, engineers (The Raconteurs)
[Third Man/Warner Bros.]



Sunday Night's Homey Award winners (Posted Again)

Homey Award winners 2009 (from HH's Blog)

Congratulations to all of tonight's Homey Awards winners. And also a big congratulations to all those that were nominated. And thanks to everyone who voted.

Here's the complete list of winners:

Artist of the Year - Tim Butler
Album of the Year - Ike - "Where to Begin"
Song of the Year - Hippocampus - "Shine"
Best Band - Ike
Solo Female - Kaitlin Sweeney
Solo Male - Kyle Swartzwelder (Best beard, too)
New Artist - Clarity
Rock Song - 61 North - "Loaded Gun"
Most Requested Song - JeNell & the Yets - "Distraction"
Hip-Hop/Rap Artist - Fat Daddy Has Been
Songwriter - Brad Almond of Clive
Female lead singer - Christine Moll & Peggy Carroll (Lotus Hill) [Also band with the most babies]
Male lead singer - John Faye (Ike)
Keyboardist/Pianist - Nate Hall
Guitarist - Brett Talley (Ike and solo)
Bass Player - Joann Schmidt (Ike)
Drummer - Tom Kristich (Ike)
Producer - Cliff Hillis
Live Performance - Hippocampus
Best Venue for Music - (Tie) Homegrown Cafe & Burlap and Bean
Best Open Mic - Burlap and Bean hosted by Kyle Swartzwelder
Best video blog and Best Use of Whistling - JeNell & the Yets

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So, yeah... there was a Steelers love fest on TV Sunday night, I'm not sure if anyone caught it, I did. I have been holding back on writing about it cause I wanted to be a good sport. Yeah I did! "I" wanted to be fair, and I knew that if I had of attempted to write something on Monday or Tuesday it would have been filled with hate and discourse and maybe a little bit of self pity.


I didn't want to do that. Hence why this is a late post. Look, I love football. Football completes me. With that being said, I have got to give it up for the Steelers. They play the game the way it is supposed to be played. Hard nosed, tough, strong, great defense, ambition, desire... all the things that ANYONE would want in a team. Big Ben is an amazing quarterback. What else can you ask for out of a guy who can lead his team down the field when it's needed the most. He did it! Big B did it. He did it with a perfect throw to top off a perfect Superbowl drive.

Where the hell is my perfect drive! Eh, who am I kidding... I can't do it! I hate them! My hate for the Steelers runs as deep as an oceanic crack in the earth's crust exposing the mantle. It's just not right! Six! Do you know how cool that would be to run around talking crap about how my team has won not one, not four, but six freakin NFL Superbowl Freakin Superbowl Championships? I could say cool things like, "Oh, we are about to open up a six pack of whoop ass on that ass!," or "Somebody slap Frodo cause we are the real Lord of The Rings out this beotch!" I would be cool saying those things. Really, REALLY cool! I would feel like a new millennium football pimp ready to take on the World! No, not me though. My loyalty for my team has been rewarded with yet another regime taking over. My celebrations have been halted even in my move to the wonderful place where I live now, PHILLY. I went from watching John Elway lead the Broncos down the field for the go ahead Superbowl touchdown to watching Kurt Warner do the exact freakin same thing this year in AZ plus 2!



How can you hate a coach who coaches this hard? What more could you ask for if you had Mike Tomlin as your head coach? Why is our luck so bad as Browns fans? What the hell did we do to deserve this?!

Wow this turned out exactly the way I thought it would. Time did nothing.