Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chat with R,ILY

So last week I had the opportunity to catch up with R,ILY front man Rob Lindgren and chat about their recent album release, We Chose To Go To The Moon.

If you haven’t listened to this album you’re missing out on a pretty unique experience. In just the first few tracks it’s obvious how much Rob Lindgren and Jason Reynolds have grown together as a band on this album. Lindgren commented, “Jason and I really considered this album our chance to expand on and more fully realize the whole indie rock/dance beats concept of our first EP, Noise. Pop. Deathray. We widened our range to include more ideas from across the pop spectrum” From the Interpol inspired guitar harmonies in “Anxious Smiles” to the manipulated vocal samples and drum polyrhythms influenced by Aphex Twin in “I Won’t Be Still” and “There Is A Light”, R,ILY has created some serious new sounds to be reckoned with.

Last week R,ILY made a radio appearance on Delaware Valley’s Hometown Heroes 93.7 WSTW, and is continuing to get airplay in other areas. Lindgren commented, “We are getting airplay all over the country right now, and sometimes in the strangest places...Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, Illinois, Wisconsin. It's just weird to think, for the first time, that my voice is coming out of someone's radio in places that I've never been, and I might not be anytime soon. Or ever. I don't have any plans to visit Wisconsin at the moment, Haha”. If you’re bummed about missing the Hometown Heroes appearance, the guys will be on a New Music Inferno podcast next week. We’ll supply the link, don’t worry.

R,ILY will also be at the Wilmington World CafĂ© Live in Delaware on October 7 if you want to get the full live music experience (I recommend it!). Buy tickets HERE.

Check out these stations playing Revolution, I Love You and find one in your area!

New Jersey:
Piscataway- RLC/WVPH
New Brunswick- WRSU
Ewing- WTSR
Lincroft- WBJB

Davis- KDVS
Berkeley- KALX

Fort Collins- KCSU

West Haven- WNHU
Danbury- WXCI

Rock Island- WAUG

Tampa- WMNF
Winter Park- WPRK

Portland- WMPG

Williamstown- WCFM
Medford- WMFO
Springfield- WTCC

Mt. Pleasant: WCMU

Duluth- KUMD

Lincoln- KRNU

Berea- WBWC

Claremore- KRSC

London- CHRW


San Marcos- KTSW

Milwaukee- WMSE

Alexis Canary

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Quelle Source - The French Rapture

Available 9/27/2011

Check out this wonderful post over at A.V. Club Philadelphia,263701/

The Quelle Source could be considered my first love as I entered into the tireless world of Indie band management. Something literally happened to me the first time that I listened to "Dependable Ones." Kevin Ryan's deliberately cryptic opening lived in my head for a full year until it was cast out by a spell, that forced me to enjoy the ridge. 

"I can see you, and what you're doing... and I know that it's a lie." - Dependable Ones

While "Dependable Ones" initiated the band crush that would grow into a flourishing business relationship, "Truth" was the binding force that fastened me to, as the author of the short article above states, the dependable source of buoyant indie rock known as The Quelle Source. The song's haunting guitar solo opening backed by what seems to be random party chatter draws you in then smacks you in the face 3 minutes later when a bucket of awesomeness is spilled over after Ryan belts out the word 'anymore.' 

Fast forward a few years and we have The French Rapture EP. The full-on, sweeping, epic, and ultimately futile attempts to stop loving someone.

The title track “The French Rapture” rides a climbing, catchy-as-all-hell bass line, timely group vocals and sprightly synth work so engagingly that it’s easy to miss the song’s true content – which, of course, concerns a guy not-so-convincingly justifying his decision to cheat on his girlfriend. “I could have sworn that I was a good man / but you have no idea how it feels to be surrounded.” Whoops – nice try, but those aren’t the words of someone who’s sorry. 

The b-sides are no less drastic. Drummer Brendan Lafferty’s blisteringly distorted high-hat hits try their damnedest to outmatch singer Kevin Ryan’s layered harmonies on “Never Be Hungry Again” before Dan Wisniewski’s lead vocals enter and growl in caterwaul. The track – a patient, pulsing trip grounded in Dan Comly’s solid keyboard work – is a successful break from the structural and musical norms of a band that sometimes finds it hard to revisit the same musical idea twice in the same song. 

In my own words, The French Rapture is catchy-as-all-hell, and the b-side "Never Be Hungry Again" is a motto that I've been following since my move from northeast Ohio. Be prepared for a ride again with this EP. If buoyant Indie rock is what you desire, The Quelle Source are truly the dependable ones. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

R,ILY Philly CD Release Show TONIGHT

TONIGHT @ World Cafe Live Philadelphia
Revolution, I Love You CD Release Show
"We Choose To Go To The Moon"

21+, $8 cover. Also featuring Early Ape, Panic Years, and Penrose! Come out and celebrate with us! This show is part of Philadelphia Film and Music Festival 2011.

Soundchild Crew Video Premiere

Check out the new video "Body Shots" from their EP Live 4 Once.