Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Quelle Source - The French Rapture

Available 9/27/2011

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The Quelle Source could be considered my first love as I entered into the tireless world of Indie band management. Something literally happened to me the first time that I listened to "Dependable Ones." Kevin Ryan's deliberately cryptic opening lived in my head for a full year until it was cast out by a spell, that forced me to enjoy the ridge. 

"I can see you, and what you're doing... and I know that it's a lie." - Dependable Ones

While "Dependable Ones" initiated the band crush that would grow into a flourishing business relationship, "Truth" was the binding force that fastened me to, as the author of the short article above states, the dependable source of buoyant indie rock known as The Quelle Source. The song's haunting guitar solo opening backed by what seems to be random party chatter draws you in then smacks you in the face 3 minutes later when a bucket of awesomeness is spilled over after Ryan belts out the word 'anymore.' 

Fast forward a few years and we have The French Rapture EP. The full-on, sweeping, epic, and ultimately futile attempts to stop loving someone.

The title track “The French Rapture” rides a climbing, catchy-as-all-hell bass line, timely group vocals and sprightly synth work so engagingly that it’s easy to miss the song’s true content – which, of course, concerns a guy not-so-convincingly justifying his decision to cheat on his girlfriend. “I could have sworn that I was a good man / but you have no idea how it feels to be surrounded.” Whoops – nice try, but those aren’t the words of someone who’s sorry. 

The b-sides are no less drastic. Drummer Brendan Lafferty’s blisteringly distorted high-hat hits try their damnedest to outmatch singer Kevin Ryan’s layered harmonies on “Never Be Hungry Again” before Dan Wisniewski’s lead vocals enter and growl in caterwaul. The track – a patient, pulsing trip grounded in Dan Comly’s solid keyboard work – is a successful break from the structural and musical norms of a band that sometimes finds it hard to revisit the same musical idea twice in the same song. 

In my own words, The French Rapture is catchy-as-all-hell, and the b-side "Never Be Hungry Again" is a motto that I've been following since my move from northeast Ohio. Be prepared for a ride again with this EP. If buoyant Indie rock is what you desire, The Quelle Source are truly the dependable ones. 

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