Sunday, April 4, 2010


Well, it's the end of an era and I have to be honest. I DON'T CARE how Andy or anyone else tries to spin this, I have now officially witnessed the dumbest professional football move ever. Not in all of my 31 years on this earth have I ever disagreed with something so adamantly! The Redskins?! SERIOUSLY? I can understand wanting to trade McNabb, well not really, but hey, wanting to trade him is one thing... TRADING HIM WITHIN THE DIVISION, WITHIN THE CONFERENCE?!! DUMB

Gas in the tank? That's a stupid question McNabb was JUST in the playoffs!!! So many ways this could play out, and oh the irony! I can just see it now, Redskins vs Eagles in the playoffs (assuming Philly makes it that far now) McNabb vs. Kolb, who is your money on?! For the record my money would be on McNabb. Absolutely Unbelievable! You keep going to the well till the water runs dry!!

"I'll take it from here dogg..."

Now for my bold, over opinionated prediction. My Cleveland Browns and my Philadelphia Eagles will share the same record in 2010. :(


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