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If you’re a young male and a fan of the NFL, chances are, you’ve probably played Madden quite a few times. I can contest that this game is one of the most addicting video games ever invented. I was once addicted, and it is something I struggle with everyday, but I’m making progress. Now, my mission is to help others who may have become addicted to this game as well. If you answer yes to any of these symptoms listed below, please seek help immediately.

You have severe pain or soreness in your thumbs. This comes from playing more than 5 hours a day of Madden. Constantly pressing the buttons on the controller causes severe fatigue or pain in the thumbs. Usually, players addicted to Madden will ignore this symptom, and continue to play. This only worsens the condition.

After owning the game for only a week, you notice the game often freezes, yet there are no scratches on the disc and nothing wrong with your video game console. This occurs from unusual long hours of play. The disc has been played so much in a week, that it malfunctions. This is extremely rare, but there are documented cases of this happening.

You are constantly looking for Madden tips online or have purchased a book that gives you tips.

When watching a real football game, you use Madden terms to describe plays. For example, “Man, Ray Lewis should have hit sticked him,” or “Why didn’t Tomlinson truck stick him?!”

When watching a real football game, and your favorite team is faced with 4th and 10 in the first quarter on their own 20, you think it’s perfectly fine for them to go for it.

When watching a real football game, you expect two or three amazing plays per quarter. This usually happens in Madden, and many players who are addicted often confuse virtual reality with reality.

You have developed knowledge of the game of football, that only a head coach in the NFL would possess.

Instead of sleeping… You play Madden

Instead of studying for finals… You play Madden

Instead of going to class… You play Madden

If you are losing weight... you get the idea. Posted by Marquis Chapman (All Talk Sports)

Seriously, if this is happening to you please seek assistance... I'm not kidding this isn't something to be taken lightly!!!!! It's Maddonitis!








All Looks Real To Me!?

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