Saturday, October 30, 2010

He was the meanest Pumpkin Man and a true Winner

Don't eff with the pumpkin man. Happy Halloween to everyone and all! Fall is my favorite time of the year, and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Actually, anytime there's a possibility of getting free Reese's it's my favorite holiday.

It's been a good holiday so far. Last weekend, a couple of peeps and I went to the Eastern State Penitentiary to be scared, and it was a fun time. That place is very creepy/historic and was probably one of the better haunted houses I've been to. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. This weekend will consist of homework and passing out candy... and eating some of it before it reaches the hands of little ghosts and goblins.

Shout out to Laura Lynn, one of my favorite people on this earth. Fall is also Laura's favorite season. It must be an Aquarius thing : )

For those of you who don't know Laura, she is a gifted medium and visionary who has given thousands of readings during her years in spiritual service. Laura Lyn’s mission is to help people realize love is always the answer. She actively works as an author, spiritual teacher, psychic investigator and psychic–medium. Laura Lyn teaches and shares her message worldwide through media and personal messages. Her guided meditations are not rehearsed or planned, they are channeled live where you may hear angels, guides and wise messengers coming through to help you on your guided meditation journey. Often after the meditation, Laura will explain what she witnessed around the participant during the exploration.

I had a reading done by her a little while ago, and it was nothing short of amazing. She's really good at what she does, and comes highly recommended. I seriously couldn't imagine living the type of life that she has since a little girl. If you are into readings and spirituality, here is the link to her website. ( You will NOT be disappointed!

Happy Halloween from Monster Entertainment LLC. This is definitely a Monster's favorite time of the year! Be sure to stop by and check us out (! There's some really cool scare tactics on our homepage. We hoped to not scare you away forever, so they're not too scary and only there for Halloween. However, be aware when you click! Also, we've added two new, awesome bands to our roster, Phantasm and Case Closed! Please stop by our roster page and check them out. We're very excited and looking forward to working with these guys. They will be officially announced shortly!!



Doug Stephens said...

Even though I don't particularly like Halloween, I love that pumpkin man pic :)

Indie-Monster said...

Isn't it awesome Doug?! It sets the post off right!