Sunday, May 9, 2010

Loved It

I loved every moment of Betty White last night on SNL. From the opening monologue to the end when she thanked everyone under the sun except Jay Z, standing right beside her. Was it me, or did Jay Z seem to be expecting a mention? Ha, I thought that was funny. Who knows, maybe he wasn't expecting anything... I'm a blogger, we like to start shit. I am, however, serious about liking the entire show. Although, I could be a bit biased, because I am in LOVE with Betty White. Who isn't?

So many return appearances last night by SNL cast. Loved the "Really" segment, and the opening skit with "Betty's daughters" honoring her for Mother's Day. Got a bit tired of the Macgruber skits, but I know that's been getting extra push to promote the movie. Which I will not be paying to see by the way...

And, as Hanh Nguyen posted in his article, "NBC is thanking Betty White for being a friend ... and for high "Saturday Night Live" ratings. The 88-year-old host, musical guest Jay-Z and returning "SNL" alum drew the highest ratings since the 2008 November pre-election show featuring Ben Affleck and presidential nominee John McCain, according to early estimates reports Variety."

Well in the spirit of skits, I guess I will post this to the page. I usually try to keep the blog PG, but what the heck. If there are kids in the room take them out or cover their ears.

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Mocking Movies said...

I agree. It was done perfectly and Betty White was excellent. I was worried they might ruin it by putting her in the wrong type of skits but everything was spot on. I have one word : muffins...