Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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Swamped is an understatement. It truly is an injustice when trying to describe what's been happening to me lately. I need to find another adjective. I need to find the guy that makes adjectives and have him make up a special adjective just for me. I wonder how much that would cost? I probably couldn't afford it. I'm probably best buying a Thesaurus or an adjective book.

Life is strange right now. There's a sports bra at the end of The Delmarva Broadcasting Company driveway. I wonder who it belongs too. I wonder if there's a topless woman running around the Brandywine area confused and sweaty. I wonder what sport she was playing right before she lost her sports bra. Probably tennis. I wonder if she lost her tennis match, and in a fit of rage she throw her sports bra on the ground. Maybe she is smarter than we all think? She perfectly placed the bra in the driveway of a radio station, possibly in hopes that someone would cover the incident. I'm sure she didn't want her anger to go unknown or unappreciated, or her expression of protestant nudity to go in vain.

Have you ever made an Indie CD and then right when it was done burning you found another song that needed to go on that CD, and so you promptly burnt another CD? What do you do with the trash CD? The music on it is still very new and you don't want it to go to waste. Yesterday, I gave my trash CD to Joe Alan one of the DJs here at my station. I hope he enjoys it. I didn't want to throw it away. I've done that before and it hurt me knowing that there was music on there that someone could have heard and LOVED. That music could have helped someone or changed a child's life. Possibly a child that has never heard Indie music. Those children need those CDs. I can see myself from here on throwing those CDs out of my car window at lonely children. Hurling them like frisbees of joy. They will catch them, or they will learn too.

I apologize for having a blog and not blogging in it. It's very selfish of me to take up Internet space and not use it to its full potential. I'm unfortunately too busy to blog. It's sad isn't it? A blogger too busy to blog? It's like a fish to busy to swim. So, I just sit there on my coral reef starring out into the big blue yonder, to busy to move or to swim. Then, I see Nemo swim by frantically looking for his father... who I just saw by the way. I scream out "NEMO!," but he is too far away now, and he can't hear me, and I'm too busy to swim after him.

Have you ever drove to the suburbs blasting Dr. Dog's "Shadow People" singing along loudly except replacing the word Shadow with Ghetto? It's quite hilarious actually. You should try it... or at least think about it. While you are thinking about that, listen to these tunes that make me happy... It's "Wide Eyes" by Local Natives. OUTTASIGHTBLOG.BLOGSPOT.COM

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