Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Night Massacre


Ravens 60, Browns 3? That was one prediction last week from a Sirius NFL radio host. It's an outlandish suggestion, but as much as it turns my stomach to think about it actually happening is it really that unlikely? This has been a disaster of a season. One of which I still claim is the worst that I have ever experienced. However, I will still probably watch the game... cause that's what fans do... they torture themselves.

Brady Quinn

Is this the guy's last chance to prove his worth? I say it is, even given the circumstances. I mean tonight's game isn't really any different than when the 300 Spartans stood up against the Persian Empire of Xerxes I in the Battle of Thermopylae. Only let's replace the Spartans with this year's Browns team... :(

Let's take a look at some other predictions. And, these are from Cleveland!

Plain Dealer Staff Predictions

Mary Kay Cabot
Record: 8-0
Ravens 30, Browns 9
Taking the boycott to heart, the offense doesn't show up until the third quarter.

Tony Grossi
Record: 6-2
Ravens 24, Browns 9
My hunch is the Ravens could win this game without throwing a pass.

Bill Livingston
Record: 7-1
Ravens 19, Browns 4
Randy Lerner seeking advice from Condoleezza Rice and two guys dressed like Marmaduke.

Terry Pluto
Record: 5-3
Ravens 24, Browns 10 Brady Quinn does get the of- fense into the end zone, which is progress.

Bud Shaw
Record: 5-3
Ravens 27, Browns 13
Jamal Lewis shows up in Ravens' locker room before the game, an nounces he's seeking asylum.

Are you still ready for some football?


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