Monday, June 4, 2007

Boring Monday

Well, I guess it's not too boring. I should be excited. LRC launched, so go check it out. I think it's awesome. Let me know what you think. Send me an email. Oh, and join the email list!

Another thing I should be excited about, THE CAVS!!!

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I am stoked beyond belief. Lebron was amazing! What a game that was and finally not a close barn burner. We whooped they asss! Sorry Detroit, better luck next year. Oh wait, that's right we will probably whoop that ass next year too! (he he he) I'm loving it! Oh yeah, and where are all the Cavs haters? I haven't been able to find them anywhere. Hmm, wierd. I may be home to watch a game or two. I wanted to drive home Saturday just to kick it in Cleveland, then I realized that I had to be to work today. Which brings me back to my title. What a boring Monday.

In the world of music, Shiny Toy Guns's new music is the shiznit. If you haven't heard it go and grab the CD. I'm hoping to see them live sometime soon!

Paris Bennett's album "Princess P" has been out for three weeks now. It hit number one on the billboard heatseekers chart in its first week. I think it has since fell to twenty three. I like Paris. Hopefully, her album picks up steam. I thought she should have went a little further her year on American Idol. I wonder how Jordan Sparks is going to do. I'm def glad she won. If Blake had of won I was going to cut off my ears. We don't need anymore B'boxin. I'm cool with just havin Doug E.

Anyway,, check it out, and join the email list! I have a couple articles posted in the news section, and there will be more to come so keep checking back.


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