Saturday, May 14, 2011

Crills Wilson Record Release Show 5/19/11

Our friend, Philadelphia-based artist, Crills Wilson ( is looking with starry eyes into the future as he prepares to release his debut album entitled Solid Gold Thursday, May 19th at Kung Fu Necktie. Crills Wilson is a clever, gritty blend of folk and punk rock. On stage, he and his band are a mix of "make you get up and dance" and "wow, I have to be sure to catch that again." Of my favorites from the album, "Cell Song," is probably one of the catchiest tunes that I've heard come out of Philadelphia. The song seems to set the scene of a traditional, drunken Irish bar in the midst of a loud and mischievous St. Paddy's day celebration. Although that isn't' what the song is about, at least that's what I think of when I hear it.

Solid Gold, was mixed by Todd Mecaughey (who also produced Man Is Nature by Cheers Elephant another Philly-based act). Crills Wilson's band came together in a few different ways over the past year and finally settled on a line up in August that enriches the music. Drummer Michael Dunn (of Smoker and the Rollers) brings a heavy hand to strengthen the mix while Bassist William Kleinberg's (of The Apostrophe's) backup vocals add to the drunken choir accompaniment. The lead guitar, Nick Palmer (of The Danger O's) tears through to lift your spirits from the sometimes dark subject matter. Add to this the fantastic keyboard styling of Ben James and you have "Solid Gold" on your hands (

The release show will take place at 8pm on 5/19/11 at KungFu Necktie in Philadelphia, PA. Joining Crills for the night is the indie-pop quintet Conversations With Enemies and howlin' blues rockers Penrose.

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