Monday, February 14, 2011


What a Grammy night right? At this moment, the amount of stokedness that I have for music is immeasurable. I'm not sure what to be more hype about... this,



What a great night of performances. Congratulations to Arcade Fire on wowing millions. Definitely well deserved. Also, I was wrong... I thought Bieber had it locked for new artist! He lost out to Esperanza Spalding, a bassist who has been heating up the jazz world for a while. Congrats to Esperanza! I hope she doesn't get beat up by a mob of 13 year old girls... they can hit pretty hard from what I remember.

Now begins a new year of music! Who's hot? Who's next? Radiohead(2/19/11)? Very much hopeful for 2011. As always, I'll stay reporting as much as possible... Indie first!


Case Closed and Phantasm perform this weekend at MMC

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