Sunday, February 13, 2011

The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards

Rehearsal Pics... Artists prepare for music's biggest night. I hope Christina Agumalera gets to perform... I hope she remembers her words. (Ok I quit) She knows I love her!

Didn't realize that Cee Lo Green's F*** You was nominated for Record of the Year? Even though I love "F You", I think Eminem and Rihanna will take it. Although, it could be Lady Antebellum... choices choices.

Will Bieber take best new artist? Is he still new? Seems like he's been out for 3 years... wasn't he ten when his first single dropped? I can't remember... seems like so much has happened since then. Maybe Drake will sneak up and take it. Probably not though. CBS is hoping to break another record... I think they may. We'll have to wait and see! Happy Grammy Day


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