Saturday, February 12, 2011

Homey Time!

I will seriously bop you upside the head if you don't tune in tomorrow from 8pm-10pm! It's the 85th annual Homey Awards! Actually, I'm not sure how many annuals it's been, but it's tradition, and it's Indie and you need to listen. Especially if you are a nominee!

Congrats to the nominees and good luck!

Artist of the Year
Boy Wonder
Mouth of Wilson
New Sweden
Rod Kim

Album of the Year
Brixton Saint – The Cure for the Babylon Brain
Evergreen – Here Is Now
Ike – Tie the Knot…
Mouth of Wilson – Untamed Animals
Rivers Monroe – Meteors

Best E.P.
Done @ 21 – The EP
Josten Swingline – Three Against One
The Pleasure – The Sunflowers EP
Rachel Schain – Happy Happy
Rod Kim – All About You

Song of the Year
Ike – 1-Way to Avalon
Josten Swingline – Not This Time
Matt Rubba – Last Dance
Mother Redcap – Ever After
Rachel Schain – Rockstar, Bitch!
Shaun Ruymen – Luckiest Man Alive
Tim Williams – Back Again

Best Band
Fat Daddy Has Been
New Sweden
Rivers Monroe

Best Male Artist
Boy Wonder
Dylan McGuire
Rod Kim
Ryan Tennis
Tim Williams

Best Female Artist
Andrea Nardello
Hannah Zaic
Laura Cheadle
Lori Citro
Rachel Schain

Best New Artist
New Sweden
Parachuting Apostles
Rachel Schain

Best Songwriter
Gina Degnars (of Little Invisibles)
John Faye (of Ike)
Kyle Swartzwelder
Lori Citro
Rod Kim

Best Lead Singer
Dom Malandro – The Parachuting Apostles
Gina Degnars – Little Invisibles
John Faye – Ike
Jonathan Cooney – The Pleasure
Mike Reading – Rivers Monroe

Best Guitarist
Brett Talley – Ike
Christian Kaye – Done@21
Christie Lenee
Dylan McGuire
Matt Varga – Rivers Monroe

Best Bass Player
Adam Beck – Fat Daddy Has Been
Drew Hoffman – Pleasure
Jake Dean – Boy Wonder/The Parachuting Apostles
Kirby Chin – Rivers Monroe
Susan Steen – Ike

Best Drummer
Branden King – The Parachuting Apostles
Dan Fedele – Rivers Monroe
Drew Keane – Josten Swingline
Rob Benton – Boy Wonder
Tom Kristich – Ike

Best Keyboardist/Pianist
Ania Aliaksandrava – Glen Landing
Gina Degnars – Little Invisibles
Mat Welch – Rivers Monroe
Papa Cheadle – Laura Cheadle
Sam Barry – The Pleasure

Best Live Act
Da Rezarekt
Fat Daddy Has Been
Little Invisibles
The Pleasure
Rivers Monroe

Best Rock Song
12 Mile Circle – Last to Know
Boy Wonder – Psycho
Done @ 21 – In the Crowd
The Parachuting Apostles – Limb by Limb
The Pleasure – Sunflowers

Best R&B/Funk song
Boy Wonder – Surrender
Da Rezarekt – I Know
Fat Daddy Has Been – Summer Smile
Kareem – Clear Away the Stain
Theotis Joe Jr. – SuperStar

Best Alternative Song
The Atomic Square – 60 Seconds
Early Ape – These Aren’t the People
Overlook – Stars
Phantasm – Change the Channel
The Quelle Source – Hi-Fi Glasses Crush

Best Folk/Americana/Bluegrass Artist
JD Malone
John Byrne
Kyle Swartzwelder
Larry Saklad
Marc Silver

Best Young Artist
Along Came May
Liz Raine
The Pleasure
Rachel Mink

Best Venue for Music
Burlap & Bean in Newtown Square, PA
The Harmony Grange in Pike Creek/Wilmington, DE
The Kennett Flash in Kennett Square, PA
Mojo Main in Newark, DE
The Note in West Chester, PA

Best Music Video
Laura Cheadle – Change (It’s Alright)
Mary Scholz – I Miss You
New Sweden – View from the Mountain
Parachuting Apostles – Let’s Do It Right (This Time)
Todd Chappelle – The Google Song

Tune in 8pm-10pm tomorrow for a special Homey Award's edition of Hometown Heroes on 93.7FM, WSTW or

I must say, after going through the nominees I was very impressed with Diverse ( Those young dudes can sing and write. Be on the look out for them to make some noise in the up coming years. Ike may have a Lady Gaga night along with Boy Wonder... just my predictions. We will find out the facts pretty soon. Should be a fun time!


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