Monday, May 14, 2012

"Here Nor There" Album Review

Hey Philly! We’re bringing you some new local jams today from Mock Suns. Alexis is sitting down with them this week for an interview so this is actually a precursor to her post you’ll get in the next couple of weeks!

Wow. I feel like I should be grabbing this on vinyl, throwing it on a record player, and just laying down and listening to this journey of an album. This was my first time ever hearing Mock Suns and this album definitely won me over as a supporter. First off, the cover certainly nailed the album vibe. "Here Nor There" feels like the kind of music you’d want to experience somewhere out in an open forest. The 60s psychedelic influences, offbeat rhythms, and floating harmonies travelling throughout the tracks make you feel like you’re going on quite the nature trip.

The opening title track hits you right off the bat with the 60s rock influence with the haunting vocals and echoing, same with the harmonies in the second track An Admirable Hue. The way the vocals are matched up with the offbeat rhythms and grungy guitars definitely give you that raw rock music feel. The way that they pair off that psychedelic rock with harder accents like the arena-style guitar and drums in Fervor and Brilliant Colors is just crazy, they blend it so well. I think the most interesting track to me is the final one, Down. It’s definitely the most different. Between the spiraling and chilling beat pounding in the background, the haunting lyrics, and the floating melodies of the vocals, the whole song is just so weirdly epic. This is the kind of song you hear on an album and think ‘wow, I need to see that played out live’.

This is definitely an album that you wouldn’t be able to classify as any genre since the styles range all over—60s psychedelic, arena-style, grunge, and even throwing in jazz influence here in there. Mock Suns definitely brought us a trip worth taking if you’re into hearing something a little different, which I am always down for. But don't sit here and listen to me go on, take the trip for yourself!

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