Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Ink MMG Website Launch 11/28/2010

Black Ink Management and Music Group LLC (BIMMG) is a brand-new independent record label based out of Newport News, Virginia, and distributed by Bungalo Records/Universal UMGD. The company was founded by Ron (Ronnie Wayne) Hatchett in 2009 with the goal of exposing great talent in all music genres. Although small, BIMMG shares the same amenities as its larger counterparts, but operates in a more modern nontraditional manner. Black Ink’s staff understands what it’s like to be an artist, and we reinforce that not only in the way we do business, but also in the way we take care of our artists. “The hunger will always be there, along with the same ‘ground up’ approach. We’re not interested in following the same methodologies that are used, not only by the Big Four, but by other so-called ‘indies’ claiming to be different. We will keep our relationships with the consumer strong at all times, and we will remain relevant without losing integrity,” States Ronnie Wayne CEO

Over the next year, BIMMG will fully utilize its digital distribution partnership with Bungalo/Universal by releasing as many “Top” projects as possible, covering multiple genres of music. Over the next several years, the company plans to position itself as a major imprint on the east coast, with a reach that will span worldwide.

Please, take time to visit them on the web at

CEO/Founder Ron (Ronnie Wayne) Hatchett

President of A&R DJNEWYORKCITYKEN (Urban)

Vice President of A&R Isaac J Gordon “Indie-Monster” (Rock/Alt)

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