Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beef and Oranges

As hot as Florida is, it has become a bit hotter over the last month or so. Trick Daddy seems fed up with today's state of "Hip Hop" and I can't say that I blame him. He seems angry... but who is his anger aimed mostly at? Some say it's Rick Ross the boss of the state, but recently, Trick said he is the boss of the state.

Trick spit, "Let's set this record straight/ N---a, I run this whole state/ There's only one mayor of Dade/ And y'all n---as is my protégés."

A lot of fans are taking this as a direct diss to Rick Ross since it's been rumored that there has been some friction betwunx'd the two artists. I heard an interview today on Shade 45, Sirius satellite radio, where a reporter asked Rick Ross about the notion of Trick Daddy allegedly starting the rumor that Rick Ross used to be a corrections/probation officer. Rick was heated and began to pretty much beg Trick Daddy for some confrontation.

There is no proof that Trick Daddy started the rumor. Trick Daddy also denies any sort of animosity towards Rick Ross.

Though Trick denied any animosity toward Ross, he did admit to having a beef with today's hip-hop in general, calling it predictable. The rapper said he's tired of artists getting signed to labels based off one song and then not being able to follow up with a strong album. (MTV News)

Can't say I blame him.


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