Thursday, May 29, 2008

Distro Deal

Cool news out of Cleveland ...

Cleveland and LA based Standby records inked a distro deal with Victory records out of the CHI. Standby was founded in 2007 in Toledo, OH and then was quickly bought up by super entrepreneur Neil Sheehan who also owns and runs HM live. Victory ... well who is Victory? Only one of the largest Indie rock labels in the US! **SMACK**

Be on the look out for new artists on Standby to be pumped world wide through Victory. I believe Victory's distro is through RED.


Tony Brummel, Founder of Victory Records was quoted saying, “The independent music scene continues to be the growth sector and beacon of hope for the music industry." True, True. Indie is that shining light in the dark shadows of the BIG 4. I'll give Tony some props there ... just some tho, I'm still steaming over Victory's alleged beef with "Taking Back Sunday". Pay your fucking artists!

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