Monday, December 3, 2007

Four Turnovers?!

It was a turnover Sunday! First A J Feeley (why is he still in the NFL) then my man D A. Ahhhh!

Not the dreaded pick six?! A pic six on opening drive! I almost teared up. Good thing I had beer. Back to A J ... shouldn't A J be sitting somewhere with Tim Couch talking about the good ole' days when people actually believed in them. I don't care if that was mean. What an ass! That dude A J Feeley needs to think 'broadcasting'. Hell, if I was the NFL I would be checking in to see if A J and Lofa Tatupu had a thing going on because there is just NO WAY that .. well okay I guess it is A J Feeley.


I am going to view this as a game for growth for the Brownies. It's Monday and we are still sitting in the wildcard, so all is not lost (yet). The Titans still have a rough road ahead of them and so does the Jaguars. Hey, if we win out we could take the division. The bastards, oh I mean the steelers have a rough schedule ahead of them too. Hey, a fan can dream can't he?

If we lose to the Jets I may have to be hospitalized. Okay, so here we go Jets, Browns as worried as I am I will still attempt to pick this one.

Browns vs Jets ... Browns win by 20. Absolutely not cool!

Stop laughing at me!

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