Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Real Deal?

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If there ever was a time for a NFL player to really prove himself it is right now in Cleveland for Derek Anderson. Over the next three weeks the Cleveland Browns have a very challenging schedule. This three game stretch will determine if the Browns really are getting better, or if we have the same old disappointing Browns we've always had.

Even though it's up to the whole team to bring their best, most of the heat falls on one person and that person is #3. Let's see what this Oregon State product can do against a defense that has pressured quarterbacks better than most teams in the NFL this year. The Seahawks defense is ranked 4th in sacks with 23. With that kind of pressure coming at the Browns down after down this will really be a test not only for Derek, but also for the newly accomplished offensive line.

So, why am I being hard on Derek. He is the number two quarterback in the league right now for touchdowns! Shouldn't we just be happy with that? I say no! So, many times I have gotten my hopes up. Let me see something definitive! For right now, I'm the fan cautiously peeking my head out from behind the bushes hoping I can soon run out and start talking some real shit!

My prediction?

Browns take two out of the next three games (okay maybe I'm out from behind the bush on this one)

Seahawks (W)
Steelers (L)
Ravens (W)

Let's Go!

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