Thursday, February 14, 2013

Monster Entertainment Presents at Milkboy Philly 2/9/13

A big thanks to all that came out to Milkboy this past Saturday for Shorty Boy Boy, The Quelle Source and Seamus Browning! In case you missed it, you're in luck- Check out a few photo's below.

Seamus Browning kicked off the night with a good bunch of songs, each blending an appealing combination of alternative and indie rock.

Seamus Browning

Next up, The Quelle Source debuted two new songs cryptically titled "Creepy Surf Song" and "Kevin Newer Song".

The Quelle Source just sellin' some merch.. Which you can purchase HERE.


Finally, Shorty Boy Boy closed out the show with one hell of a fun, high-energy performance. 

The climax was near when frontman, Joshua Pannepacker, hopped off stage and got cozy right on the floor in his sleeping bag and pillow. 

Keep an eye on our calendar for more upcoming events from some great local artists!

Alexis Canary

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