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Post Tour Recap with Melissa Cox

Hey Philly! Melissa Cox is fresh off of her Harmonious Maladies Tour and was kind enough to talk to me about her time on the stage, off the stage, and everything in between (including a tornado!).

Now that you're back and settled in from your Harmonious Maladies Tour, how did it go?!
The tour went very well. I met alot of cool people, had a little bit of beach down-time, caught up with family members, gave away alot of free download cards, caught some great videos, got some professional quality live recordings for my new Live Album (due out in November/December) and put 1,956 miles on my car!

Were you pleased with the turn out at your shows? Do you think your pre-tour efforts to reach fans in the area paid off?
Absolutely I was pleased, especially considering it was a holiday weekend. I think the pre-tour promo efforts were good. Next tour I will focus more on reaching out earlier to independent radio DJs, and perhaps invest in some Facebook ads. But overall this tour was great in terms of turnout, especially for cities where I've never played before, like Norfolk and Blackstone, VA.

How was your interview on WGMU's "The Fearless Hour" with DJ Monet?
I had a great time talking to Monet! She's so sweet and a really talented DJ. She will go very far in radio if she decides to pursue that after college. I loved her question "If you could be anyone from the 90s, real or fictional, who would it be?" I said Madonna, but after thinking about it more, I think I want to be Dana Scully from the X-Files, because then that way I can get with David Duchovny.

Did any show stand out to you as a particularly awesome experience for you and the crowd?
Honestly--and I don't say this for many tours--every single show was awesome in some way, even the ones I was unsure about before hand. I played Borjo Coffeeshop in Norfolk at Old Dominion not expecting much, but I ended up meeting alot of cool people who enjoyed the music a whole lot. I played Brodapalooza, which is a backyard house concert at fellow GoGirls Music member Brenda Barringer's farm in Appomattox. I met a ton of amazing musicians there and had a great time, and everyone walked away with CDs. Our show at Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church in Alexandria was well attended and the room had excellent acoustics, and we got great audio from that show which will be on my live CD due out the end of 2012. So yeah it was a really great time.

Were the people of MD, DC, VA, & NC receptive to your music? Did you run into any old fans or have any great experiences with new ones?
People were really receptive to my music. The most surprising show was probably in Blackstone, VA, which is several hours south Richmond. My perception was that people in that area would like country most of all. But they really liked our music. I think it was because it was something different that they usually don't hear in their area, but it still has that folk/bluegrassy familiarity to it that they can relate to. I had several old fans come to my shows in Wilmington, NC and D.C. It's always nice to see familiar faces again.

Do you have any cool stories from the road in the states you visited? Did you go to any interesting places on your time off or meet any interesting people?
Well, the psuedo-tornado I drove through trying to get to Appomattox was very scary. Wall cloud, rotating wind, the whole nine. There wasn't a funnel on the ground, but you can be sure I got out of there and fast! While I had some down time, I spent a few days with my awesome Aunt Pat and Uncle Rodger in Duck, NC. I am taking up hoop dancing (dancing with a hula hoop) so it was nice to practice on the beach. While I had some downtime in Virginia, I stopped by the birthplace of America - Jamestown. I saw where Pocahontas lived and was married, the original Jamestown church tower from 1607, and the footprint of the original James Fort, as well as a graveyard of original settlers who died in the early 1600s. It was spooky but cool, and gave me an appreciation for all that early settlers suffered and endured to build this great country.

Aside from the weather danger causing the cancellation of the Sunday Arts Fest in Annapolis, did you run into any other problems along the road?
That pre-tornado was pretty scary! No issues with the car, knock on wood. I'm very fortunate to have great family and friends who host me along the way, so that makes it alot easier and fun.

Any exciting plans coming up as far as touring goes?
Touring is taking a little bit of a break. I do have a 3-show mini tour in October - a show in D.C. and two performances at Bedford Fall Foliage Festival in PA. After that, I have some plans for some local shows in Delaware, and I will be compiling the best of my live tracks from this past year's performances on a live CD, which will be available via digital download only. You can find out more about it come October at

A big thank you to Melissa for taking the time to talk to me about her time on the road! Make sure you keep updated on Melissa's shows, news, and live CD that should be out in November/December on her website:

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