Thursday, August 9, 2012

RADIATE: Philly Raw Artists

If you didn’t make it out to the Philly Raw Artists' show last week you missed some cats in stunna shades, 99 bananas, and a bunch of great performances! Alright not actual cats walking down the runway rockin' their sunglasses at night..that would have been awesome, i love cats. But one of the artists’ exhibit (Claudia K) was portraits of her cats and her parents cats, as well as other animal finds on instagram, all glammed out and looking pretty fly for the animal kingdom. The show was all about celebrating local artists with raw talent in so many different mediums—painting, photography, fashion, and of course, music. Other artists’ included an exhibit of 99 bananas made into anything from candy to the presidential seal (Sean Brown), a photographer's successful attempt to bring life to decaying buildings—the Eastern State Penitentary photos were eerily beautiful (Daniel J. Decker), and an awesome display of hand-made bad ass jewelry from Bullet Babe.

The real energy of the night came from the fashion/music performance combos. They would have the bands perform with fashion shows in between, clothes and music..what's better than that?

All the designers served up their urban, trendy, and fierce styles. The unique styles served up shirts with powerful messages about peace, fierce accessories, and sophisticated designs. Then, my favorite part, the music. The sounds of all the bands were totally different. The first band, Market East, definitely caught my eye with their simple set up and easy indie sound. They're definitely worth checking out. Then we got a little bit of hard rock, some glam, and an interesting fusion of what I can only describe as Prince mixed with Childish. But, my favorite set of the night came from our friends Case Closed.

They definitely had the most energetic crowd response of the night and they put on a sweet performance. They performed some of their new and old songs at the show and left everyone wanting a little more. Seriously though, go check out their new Basements EP it's really good stuff. Everyone here at Monster has that on repeat, go get it! And next time there's a RAW setup in Philly go check it out! You'll get a night full of creativity and great people.

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