Saturday, June 30, 2012

Edelweiss Tour & Interview

If you’re looking to hear one of the youngest bands around with a killer indie rock sound, check out this Pennsylvania quintet. Edelweiss independently released their new EP, the Pre-Columbians, last fall, and have some fresh new tracks on the way. Give this band a listen and you’ll see why they’re quickly gaining attention.

Check out our recent interview, and don’t miss them on tour this summer!

Tell us about your upcoming tour, starting on July 5?

Niko: Well it's going to be a basic East Coast tour. We’ll be hitting up New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and then we'll be heading out to Chicago as well for two days.  Overall it's about 10 days or so.

Is this your first time hittin’ the road?

Niko: Yeah, this is the first time any of us have done anything like this so it'll be a good first experience and something to have under our belts.
Donald: Hopefully it'll show others that we're ready for more

Definitely. You’ve gotten some pretty awesome attention lately with Absolute Punk streaming your newest demo, and your 15 wins on Gashouse Radio- What can you most attribute all this success to?

Niko: I think the majority of the success can be contributed to our fans and family. If it weren't for all of the support we would not be where we are today even remotely

So you’re playing July 7 at the Fire with Case Closed. Have you performed at that venue before?

Donald: Well we've only played in Philly one other time and that was at The Fire. It’s a cool place just because it's such an intimate setting and it allows for some great energy.

Is there a certain disadvantage or challenge in being a younger band, age-wise? Or do you think it’s an advantage?

Donald: It's a problem not being able to play certain venues. At the same time it's sort of good problem to have because it gives us the opportunity to experiment and really hone our sound.

You guys have a pretty unique name, can you give us some insight on it?

Donald:  We came up with the name randomly on a car ride. There was no real rhyme or reason behind it other than it had a nice ring to it. We originally spelled it "Eidleweis" for some reason, but we eventually went to the legit German spelling.

Niko: We were once called "anal-vice" right before we went on stage. It has its drawbacks

Haha I can imagine. Have you thought about where you'd like to see yourselves in a few years?

Donald:  We all have the same desire to do what we love and make a comfortable living out of it. I think every musician wants that, but we are very sincere about our music, especially as of recently. Personally, I would never trade average, half-ass music for millions of dollars. I just want to make music I love and make a living out of it.

Niko: I also saw Office Space the other night for the first time, and it really invigorated that philosophy.

Definitely an inspiring movie! Is there anything else you want to mention?

Niko: I’d say the only other thing is just about the new music we're releasing soon. It has taken a while to create these new tracks but like it was said before, we put a lot of time and scrutiny into our work. The new songs really excite us and we hope that everybody who liked the first 5 songs will like these next few.

When can your fans expect the new music?

Donald: One of the songs is currently playing on, and the others will be released over the next few weeks.


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