Saturday, October 15, 2011

TQS & the Halloween Monster Bash

Fall has got to be my favorite season this year: we have the Halloween Monster Bash coming up on the 22nd with a whole bunch of awesome bands (check out the FaceBook event here), and everyone just seems to be puttin’ out new albums! I recently caught up with The Quelle Source and got the low down on their Halloween show and their new LP, Enjoy The Ridge.

What can we expect at this Halloween show?
Every year our Halloween show gets better, so this year we can guarantee the best and most wicked Halloween tribute show ever. We're working our assess off to do a good job pretending to be Radiohead, and our friends The Bailey Hounds, Goodnight Lights, and Long Walk Home are going to kill it with tributes to T. Rex, The White Stripes, and Neil Young respectively. Beyond that, we don't want to give too much away. We can't wait.

What can you say about the French Rapture vs. Enjoy the Ridge?
Both releases were partially recorded in our own studio and partially mixed and mastered at Milkboy Recording Studio in Ardmore. I think compared with "Enjoy the Ridge, the songs on "The French Rapture EP" benefit from in general having less going on."Enjoy the Ridge" was our chance to make a huge album. On "The French Rapture," I think we managed to keep the number of things going on at once at any point during the songs to a minimum. That's something we’re hoping to keep up with moving forward.

"The French Rapture" is also our first official single - the first song we've ever thought is good enough to stand on its own. We think it is our strongest to date musically, lyrically, and technically. Not that it needs the support, but it comes with two b-side tracks for some extra added value, and those two extra songs are not to be overlooked. Also, it's a digital-only release via

What else is comin’ up?
After our 10/28 show at The M Room (click here for tickets), we're taking November to make some sense out of all this new material we have floating around that we've been working on for the past year or so. After that we've got the Monster Holiday show December 10 at the new MilkBoy in Center City (click here for tickets) and a Christmas show at The Blockley on December 23 (click here for tickets). Our real goal right now is a new LP.

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