Monday, August 17, 2009



Farewell to one of the greatest TV vampires ever! Godric you will be missed... :(

True Blood (Season 2, Episode 9) I WILL RISE UP

On the roof of Hotel Carmilla. Godric tells Eric that he can no longer exist as a vampire. It's unnatural, he says, and it must end. (Taken from HBO's True Blood season 2 website)


What an ending! What an episode! From Lafayette whoopin Eggs's ass to Maryanne's near breakdown during her anarchic speech. This one pulled me to the edge of my couch and kept me there for 60 minutes. I LOVED it! Even tho one of my favorite characters "EVER" has left for good, I will still be tuned in next Sunday at 9! Now, let's see who is strong enough to fight the "Goddess" Maryanne.


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