Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!

The Official Download Link Has Arrived!


Join us as we pay tribute to the King of Pop. Although he has left us, his legacy will live on and his music will continue to bring us joy. Michael's heaven was the stage, performing for adoring fans and entertaining the masses. I remember vividly when he moon walked into my life for good. It was 1982 with the Epic release of Thriller. I still get chills thinking about the first time I sat down to watch the video.

It is with absolute pleasure that I now get to bring to you Monster Entertainment's debut promo release. After being leaked over the Internet more than 3 years ago, Tempamental's "Ain't No Friend of Mine," featuring Pras from The Fugees and the late great Michael Jackson, has garnered so much attention that people made their own music videos featuring the song and posted them on You Tube. Countless articles and blog posts covering the song, and its leak, have littered the web. It's time to add fuel to the fire!

Today the song is yours courtesy of Smokehitty Entertainment and Monster Entertainment. Celebrate, dance and be entertained. After all, that's what Michael would have wanted!

The link's below! Enjoy!

Monster Entertainment Debut Promo Release 7-4-2009

Tempamental's "Ain't No Friend of Mine" featuring Pras and Michael Jackson


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edward v. said...

Hi Indie-Moster Staff, could you re-up the "Ain't no friend of mine" link please, thank you so much for your time!