Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Under the Bus

The Changing of the Tune ~ by Indie

Phil get under the effing bus!

Okay, so, recently I've made some posts here, on MyBook and on FaceSpace about my resignation from the Browns nation. Could I now be changing my tune after so harshly barking at the head dog Randy Learner on his recent decision to bring aboard Eric Mangini as the new head coach? Yes I could... ehh to go even further, yes I am.

Now, I know what you are thinking! This guy is just another rabid Browns fan lashing out after another disappointing, miserable season. He just needed to calm down, and pretty soon, just like the rest of the sad Brownies he too would be singing the maybe next year song. Well, it's deeper than that bitches. Some things have come to a head as of late. After watching Willie McGinnest's interview on the NFL network and then hearing another interview he did on Sirius NFL radio, I'm starting to see there was a deeper infection that caused the Brown's sickness this season. No, I'm not talking about Staph. I'm talking about Phil Savage.

From what I've read recently, and from what I got out of both of Willie's interviews is that Phil's power was a problem. It's like Phil has been feeding all of us barking dogs Iams over the last four years. One thing that stood out to me was that earlier in the season Romeo wanted to bring in cornerback/free agent Ty Law when his current cornerbacks were under performing. Romeo also wanted another wideout to fill in when newly signed Donte' Stallworth went down with an injury and was going to be out for the first four games. Phil unfortunately didn't come through with either of Romeo's requests. WHY? These were not only things that Romeo wanted, but if I remember correctly, these were also things that we as Browns fans were screaming for. Why didn't Phil listen? Was the power going to his head? Had Phil morphed into an evil emperor who got his jollies off by denying his faithful subjects life saving food and water. Okay, I know it's not that deep. Look, all I'm saying is that this last season was a disaster, a disaster that may have been prevented if only Phil would have listened.

Willie went on to say how he didn't feel that Romeo got a fair shot. As he continued, I started to feel the same way. Unfortunately for Romeo that's water under the bridge now. Yet, more proof that being too nice in today's world gets you unfair shots. One of the first things I would change if I had magical powers.

So, what's next? In steps Mangini. Yes I'm calling him Mangini now and not Mangina. Why not? I know that the happenings of the past still don't give us Brownies any assurance that Mangini is going to be our savior, but hey, with the power of the evil emperor vanquished... who knows what may happen. Go Browns!


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