Monday, December 29, 2008

RAC Done, Cowher Out, Pioli Up

Time and time again I've preached to my fellow Browns fans that Cowher was not coming to save us! The chants, the scenarios, the cries were all wasted energy. Trust me guys. I wanted him too, but I knew that it wasn't going to happen. Unfortunately, no one wanted to listen. Well, now you have to listen because the reports are out! Romeo is done, Savage is done, and yes I'm sorry to say it but, Cowher is done as well. Mary Schottenheimer? Well, there's no reports on him either, although once again, if you ask me... it's not happening. :( I wish!

Randy Lerner said he met with Bill Cowher Saturday night in New York in an “informal” setting and that Cowher told him right up front that he did not anticipate seeing himself coaching in 2009 and not to include him in candidates.

Lerner said he “would’ve liked to dig in deeper with him” and said that Cowher was not doing a dance and clearly spoke his position and said he felt that option was over when he left the meeting. (

What's next? Rumor central over at says...

The New England Show is being lined-up for a run in Cleveland.

Based on what we've been hearing, Randy Lerner has spoken with Robert Kraft. The Scott Pioli, Josh McDaniels and Eric Mangini (unless he gets feelers on a HC spot) show could come to a black-eye city in the near future.

We have been told that Belichick expects Pioli to leave the NE organization - soon.

How do I feel about this?

Well, my only concern/question is. Do we really want to do this again? Didn't we just get done trying out the New England thing? Bottom line is this. NE is good because of Bill Belichick. So, unless I start hearing rumors of Belichick wanting to head to lake Erie, which by the way isn't happening this century, I have no reason to get excited and neither should you. You know I'm normally not this pessimistic but the Browns future looks pretty bleak right now. :(

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