Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Take Note....

DeSean Jackson has got to be THE most unselfish player in the NFL. Who else would run all the way to the endzone only to drop the ball at the 1 in hopes that one of his team mates would pick it up and take it in for the glory?! Unfortunately, none of his team mates would step up to the plate. Actually, not a player on either team would take that glory away from Jackson. So, there on a hot night in Dallas, the ball stood still, on the 1 yard line. At first there was disbelief as to what had happened, but upon further review it was clear, Jackson simply wasn't ready to score. No one was.

When DeSean spoke with ESPN reporter, Mike Wilbon, Jackson had this to say, "Sure it would have been a great touchdown, but I just wasn't ready. You know like when your at Subway and your lookin at all those veggies and someone behind you is like, Hey man hurry up and getcho' veggies!, and you're like, Hey man, I'm not ready! It was kinda like that. Anyway, I put tha ball down, but no one wanted it. So, after the play I was like fuck it, and went to the bathroom to take a shit and drink a Sobe Life Water." Mr. Wilbon did not have a follow up question.

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